Agency History


Ivory Coast PME Agency was created by the law n ° 2014-140 of March 24th, 2014 orienting the national policy of the SMEs in its article 11. By decree n ° 2016-1120 of December 7th, 2016, the Government determined the attributions, organization and functioning of this Agency whose mission is to promote Ivorian SMEs and contribute to the operational implementation of the SME development strategy, in particular by:
• promoting the creation of SMEs;
• improving SMEs' access to financing and market share;
• improving the business climate of SMEs
• and developing the entrepreneurial culture and innovation.

This decision is the culmination of a long process and follows:
• the validation by the Government of Decision No. 16/2003 / CM / UEMOA, on the promotion and financing of SMEs in the WAEMU area,
• the adoption, in the Council of Ministers on September 18, 2015, of the SME Development Strategy (Phoenix Program),

Ivory Coast PME Agency is organized according to the model of the Executing Agencies as defined by the ordinance n ° 2016-541 of July 20th, 2016 and by its missions, it is positioned as the privileged interlocutor of all the actors of the world of SMEs (State, institutions, financials, SMEs themselves) and the operational body of the interventions of the State and its partners in favor of SMEs.






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