One-stop shop


The SME One-stop shop is the gateway for SMEs to the services and support provided by the Agency. It provides the functions of reception, advice and guidance for SMEs.




Reduce costs, delays and formalities for SMEs at a single window of services.

Specific objectives

•  Allowing SMEs to perform all administrative procedures centrally on a "meta-portal"

•  Make accessible SME support services

•  Welcome, inform and guide SMEs according to their needs

•  Assist SMEs throughout the entire life cycle of the business (seed, development, turnaround, liquidation)

The missions of the SME One-stop shop

•  Provide a digital platform for SMEs and entrepreneurs to complete the administrative formalities

•  Implement promotional and support actions for SMEs and VSEs

•  Promoting local consultancy through referencing, training and coaching of consulting firms

•  Ensure updating of referenced consulting firm data

•  Offer advice and assistance services to SMEs and self-entrepreneurs

•  In the process of formalizing their project, access to financing and the market

•  Ensure the design and dissemination of training modules specific to the needs of SMEs

•  Provide training and capacity building for SMEs and entrepreneurs





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